Paintings and & Illustration

My work has been shown in galleries, exhibitions and retail spaces in Queensland, Sydney, regional NSW, Victoria and South Australia. My professional artistic journey started with arms elbow deep in clay, finding the sensory experience of working with clay both therapeutic and liberating. Over time this lead me to explore the same sense on paper and canvas incorporating different textures and materials to take the viewer on both a visual and sensory journey. I have a passion for getting art to tell stories, sometimes these stories are predefined or directed by the title of the works on display and sometimes the viewer goes beyond the structure and journeys through their own story by simply observing and experiencing the emotion they encounter. When I make art, I don’t have a plan, it is the one part of my life that has not been wholly thought out and as a result leaves me vulnerable and exposed. Through this raw communication my hope is to connect with the world in an honest and authentic way.