Saggar Fired porcelain cups.

H6.5cm x W9cm

Kissed by Fire

As the name suggests, 'Balmoral Burnt' is a range of porcelain vessels that have been saggar fired using organic materials such as seaweed, gum nuts, banksia cones, gum leaves, paperbark and whatever organic treasures I find on my foraging outings.

Saggar firing is a method of creating confined atmospheres within a container or saggar and heating it to 1000 degrees celsius. The heat causes the organic materials to burn leaving behind carbon markings on the surface of the vessel. 

The vessels are then sanded, polished and finally coated with Liquid Quartz, an Australian designed, developed and produced product used in domestic and commercial kitchens both locally and internationally. The final coating of the Liquid Quartz makes the vessels stain resistant perfect for red wine and delicious olive oils. 

All of the Balmoral Burnt range is functional and dishwasher safe.

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